Morgantown Food

Morgantown Food

Feb 6

BW3 in Suncrest Towne Centre Review

The Food

I ordered 8 boneless buffalo wings with medium sauce and a side of buffulo wedges with cheese. I’ve always enjoyed BW3’s sauce on their regular wings, but I had never tried the boneless wings. The wings are heavily breaded and crunchy with a decent amount of chicken inside. They were pretty dry with little sauce and no extra was included. The overall taste was good, but it just didn’t compare with the regular wings. I didn’t care for the breading and there was one piece that had a chunk of fat and gristle that ruined the whole meal for me. I won’t be ordering these again.

The buffalo wedges were OK. They were soft, but had a nice flavor.

The Service 

It was one of the first days this store was open so to be fair that should be stipulated. The service, however, was poor. There were close to 20 visible workers and the place was empty yet nobody came over to our table after being seated for close to 10 minutes. A nice young lady, who wasn’t even working our table, finally came over to help. When our regular server appeared things improved. I can only speculate that management needs improvement because the place was severely over staffed and the servers had no idea what to do.

The Restaurant

It was a typical BW3, but this one stood out by having a huge projection screen. It looked to be about 1,000 feet wide and viewable from space. The place is nice and likely a fun spot to watch some sports. 

The Bottom Line

2 out of 5.

- Dominick